Do the 7 Step Program at Least Once a Week 

(It really goes pretty quick. Further, we update the site often and change the steps slightly for maxium effect.)


Remember and demonstrate the acronym CHANCES in your life.

C  Courage
H  Honesty
A   Acceptance
N  Necessity
C  Creativity
E  Enthusiasm
S  Success

1. Have the Courage to Take a Chance


2. Be Honest With Yourself (Is this this the best chance for you?)


3. Be Accepting and Appreciative for the Chance (If you don’t want it 100% your probably not going to get it.)


4. Tell Your Soul that It’s Necessary for Positive Growth and Change (Your Soul, God and the Universe want what is best for you.)


5. Be Creative When Requesting Chances (Create multiple variations in your mind of what the final outcome would look like.)


6. Create Your Chances with Enthusiasm (Be resolute and confident, know that you’ll get a chance AND work towards getting it.)


7. Do Not Fear Success, Make it your Goal (Remember success may seem like a failure to your mind, however, your soul see’s 360 degrees. )


In closing, the chances that are the easiest to create are those that create unity between your body, mind and spirit in a positive way. A body can function in an unconscious state, your mind can function without your soul and your soul can function without your body. Your goal should be as a trinity working as one aligned with God’s plan. Blessings!

More Instructions (Optional)

A Message for your Mind…

A person in touch with their creativity, utilizes a power that is outside of the boundaries of rationalization. They are in contact with a world full of possibilities and tend to ignore doubts and worries that often fill a tired or weak mind that urges them to quit, or limits their potential. In fact, if you ask creative people why they didn’t give up when others did, they will often say that they never felt as if they didn’t have a chance. When you look at the world through rainbow colored glasses, you see things differently. You learn to see chances which is important because nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance. Creative people and daydreamers tend to see a wider vision encompassing not only the past and present realities, but, that of the future. What some people call illusions, they consider reality or truth. It’s good to be grounded in logic, but, do not bind yoursel in it. Relase your fears of change, express your creativity and imagnination, embrace who you are and how you think. Understand your thought processes, however, do not limit yourself by them.


A Message for your Body…

At the basis of just about every organism and species on earth, we see that they follow a certain path. A path that lets them grow physically, while evolving into what they were intended to be or do. It’s a path that leads to interconnectedness with others and affected by chance circumstances, each reaction causing a new response. Our psychological characteristics are shaped by the choices we make and the responses we carry in the forms of memories. The only freedom we truly possess lives in the chances that come into our lives. While your body chooses to live by experience, the mind chooses to live by example, and the spirit by potential. While you as your body focus on the need to continually adapt, evolve and chance, that also is the goal of the mind and spirit.  In fact, most religions are essentially the art and the theory of the remaking of man. Science also recognizes that man is trapped into this constant state of evolution. You are an unfinished being and your physical form is both a blessing and a curse.  But, it is a self created prison that all must endure. Sometimes the easiest way to break free is to stop struggling, start relaxing, and enjoy the ride, moving with the rhythym and flow with nature.  Do not give up so easily, enjoy the ride, find the strength from inside when you need it. Do not let yourself tire prematurely, instead find and create chances that make fulfill your needs and create harmony, health and balance to your being. It can be difficult maintaining a state of equilibrium when the mind and soul sometimes seem at odds, further, when you consider that your made up of over 50 trillion cells, and, within most cells are DNA strands ranging from 100,000 to a billion in length, it’s only natural to feel the incredible strain that your under. However, you are the magnet for creating chances. You can flip on switches deep within your cells that will signal other beings to direct chances your way, and attract goodness, or, anything you want, so be careful. Work with your soul and mind in order to be the best foundation for the work your being needs to do on this planet.


A Message for your Soul…

There have been many books over the years telling people that if they direct their energy and positive thoughts, etc., outward, that the universe would somehow “hear” them and give them what they are looking for. Most religions as well are based on this outward theory of self realization and connectedness. As a soul, you watch in amusement as people seem to follow anything and everything if it fits within the constraints of their limited thinking. You may this it’s funny that people put so much emphasis on “things”, like holy water, pyramid power, talking about a holy grail, fountain of youth, etc., and sometimes you wish you could just wake them up and shake them, to tell them that they are looking in the wrong place, they will never find the answer coming from a person, place, or thing, nor, will they find the answer coming from their brain, because you hold the answers. You are the true child of God and your mind and body are simply the creation of God that link you to this earthly plane. You reside in this universe, and, it resides within you, and while you are tied to it by the incredible magnetism, infused into each cell, this temple in which you are bound, is also bound and under a considerable amount of stress. As a soul, you know that the the power comes from within and you are in touch with this life force.  You are not perfect yet, it’s understandable that you’ll make mistakes, follow the wrong path on occasions, etc.. However, as long as you remember who you really are, and work towards your goals of self betterment, you’ll be just fine. You are loved incredibly so and are in integral part of the master plan, created by you, a long, long time ago. You have the power to take your vessel to the top of the pile, or, to the bottom of it through the power that God instilled into this world, the power of Chances. Don’t feel discouraged, less than a fraction of 1% percent of people rely on their souls for any type of guidance which is why the world is in the trouble it’s in. Universal change begins with you, and is forged with love. Love is the strongest weapon you have. It will guide you and help you to calm the mind and body while you do your work. You already know that it takes great patience and love to carefully plan out a perfect life, however, our father, seeing a sense of urgency on the planet as never before, wants change to happen on a faster level. Therefore, he’s released more chances than every before and placed guides and signs all and over the place. It is very discouraging when the human brain cannot see the signs and or the body ignores them too, signs that you can clearly see. The mind relies on itself for direction, however, you need to remember that just as you were granted this opportunity to reside in the physical world, the mind, knows best how to sustain this carbon body in which you exist. The mind is your computer, and your body is your space suit. They have built into them the basic instincts for survival, and, regardless of what you may wish, human beings can’t fly, they can’t meditate without food and water for 40 days, they need to breathe, they need to excrete their waste products, etc.. While, you simply need to learn, observe and create a better world for all. Be patient, guide your vessel with love, and, chances are you may learn from your experiences. Most of all, again, never forget who you really are, a magnificent child of the creator.


“There can be no change unless your willing to take a chance.”