What Other’s Have to Say

People have asked me why I just rave about my experience with Chances.org and I just tell them you need to try it because it is life changing. I think so many people have read book after book on ways to try and make life changes and take chances but they all seem to fail as they are just too complicated. The way that Chances,org approaches making changes for the better in your life is just easy to understand and follow. That is the key to the success of the program. Those 7 steps really do address the major issues in life and when you can go through those steps at your own pace it just makes the program all the more successful and relevant to real life and not those overly dramatic cases found in most self help books. Lisa

I was not sure whether a different self help program would be the one to finally work for me but i did decide to give Chances.org a shot because it was free and easy to use and access. i have to say I knew it was the right one for as soon as I saw that the first step was about courage. That had me hooked right off the bat because deep down i knew once I knew how to bring out my courage from deep within I could make those life changes I have been dreaming about for years. Gabriel


The everyday struggle of life was beginning to take its toll on me. Like many, my job is somewhere I don’t want to be. The people and the pay are not worth the stress. I would really like to sit in the office of my dream job. My family life was no better; to sum it up would be bills, bills, and more bills. I knew I had to do something to combat this stress when it became physical. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office when the doctor began to inform me that the hives breakout was due to stress. It became clear that I needed to find a way to make some changes in my life.  Ashli
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I began to look around for all things self help. I came a cross chances.org. The first page really caught my attention. There was no catch, the people at chance.org just wanted to help those in need succeed. I took on the challenge and really benefited. The program consists of seven steps: Courage, honesty, acceptance, necessity, creativity, enthusiasm and success. In order to experience the full effect, you have to incorporate the CHANCES acronyms. You really have to get real with yourself in order for this to work. I had to find the courage and be accepting to chances. I continuously told myself that this is a healing process for my soul. The positive visualizations really helped. I feel energized, with the need to fully make changes in my life. I didn’t quit my job; however, I started taking course in graphic design to further my career. Also I started designing greeting cards for the CustomizABLES shop on the site. I’m truly thankful for finding chance.org. I would have probably been in the same predicament, not evening attempting to make a change.  Samantha

People have asked me how I made such a life change and complete turn around in my personality and self assurance. I have told everyone that it happened simply through following along at Chances.org. My favorite things about the site are the steps that highlight all of those key areas in my life that I was struggling with and in the right manner. The tone, the concepts and the fact I could work on me at my own pace made the program one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a better handle on their life as the steps of the site are just wonderfully organized and helpful. Linda


I think I have finally realized that you need a chance to change. For years I thought true life changes came through luck and other factors out of my control. I came upon Chances.org and as soon as I started going through the steps outlined I saw that I have been wrong for years. I just needed that guidance in a simple and easy way to get that chance I needed to change. It really is through Chances,org that I was able to break those bad habits and patterns I have been stuck with. Those changes and the power to make those changes were outlined right before me and when I put them to use I saw my life get better almost right away. I credit Chances,org for that chance to change as silly as that may sound but I am happier, more successful and simply more focused. Mark

Some self help groups, programs, sessions and even books have just been challenging for me as they just get too complicated. They seem to make things complex. I found that the simple style and easy concept behind Chances.org was the right one for me. Those 7 steps truly gave me the tools and power I needed to make those dreams I have had buried deep down finally come true. I cannot believe how the simple steps worked so well and allowed me to make those changes at my own pace, from my own home and in my own time. It really was a miracle I found Chances.org. Carolyn


I have struggled for years to be more creative in my thinking and in terms of putting myself first. This has caused me concern throughout the years and I have attempted programs and therapy sessions to battle back against this feeling of being in second place. That really all changed almost instantly once I started going through the steps at Chances.org as it opened my eyes to the things I needed to change about myself so that I for once in my life could finally be truly happy and content. This program is easy, simple and just makes perfect sense. Maria

I have been battling a lack of courage and enthusiasm for many years and have tried going to therapy and I have read just about every book out there trying to build my self esteem. I thought I was hopeless but then I found Chances,org and it helped me in ways that I never even realized could make such a powerful impact on my life. I credit Chances.org for making me the courageous, self assured and enthusiastic person I have always wanted to be and that has made all aspects of my life so much better. I have a better relationship with myself, my family, my friends and even have better success at work thanks to what I learned through Chances.org  Carla

I know that I can accomplish success through Chances. With the personal affirmations that are provided, my mindset is completely shifting from negative thinking that defeats me to a “can do” attitude that motivates me. With the affirmations in each step, I become a more honest person who has the courage to speak her mind. Where I felt like I was of little worth to others before, I now know that I am a necessity in this world. Chances gives me the pathway to communicate with my inner spirit in order to figure out what my true purpose is in this world. I am a creative being who is capable of changing lives as I tell others about the choices I’ve made in life. Chances has created new thought pathways in my mind where positive images of my future bring me joy as my dreams and aspirations travel to the forefront of my thinking.

8 days after doing your course I got a job! Sarah

I figured it out. Chances are the pseudonym of God when he does not want to sign his work. Becka 

My life was already filled with chances, however, Chances.org instilled in my the skills that I needed to see what was best for me in the long run. Sheryl

Everyday I write down a few of the affirmations and remember to say them when I am not at the computer.

My friend who was addicted to meth kept asking me for money, instead I told them to get a chance at Chances.org. They took it and called me up last week saying that they felt strong enought to enter rehab. Mark 

My sister told me about this website. At first I thought it was a scam, that there was something I had to buy. However, it’s totally anonymous help, something to do when I’m lonely or depressed.

I’ve been making my crabby and cynical husband go through the steps. He seems to be getting nicer.

Best 30 minutes a day I’ve spent in a long time.

There’s so much stuff on the web that zaps your energy. Chances gave me energy.

Chances is kind of like self hypnosis to me, after reading the paragraphs for a while I feel calm and relaxed and able to do anything.

Where I once felt anxious and nervous about the future, I am starting to be more excited about it and looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities out there.

Having purchased hundreds of self help books, I now see that all I every really needed was Chances.  Chances doesn’t try to impress you with verbose stories, etc., they just pack as much goodness as they can into 7 pages.

I always thought of myself as an honest person who lived a truthful life, however, even more so now.

Whether or not you get your chance, your bound to feel better about yourself and your life. Greg 

I did the 7 steps 2x and nothing happened.  But, during the middle of the 3rd attempt while I was reading about acceptance, I got an email from my daughter saying that she was accepted into a an IVY league college on full scholarship.  Thanks Chances!

A lot of therapy without the cost.

I’ve learned to be not only more accepting of myself but of others as well.

Wow, I can’t believe that this website is free. What an awesome service for people who are looking for online self help.

Kind of like an instruction manual for your soul.

My dog was a hit by a car and the VET gave her no practically no chance of survival. Instead of crying, I logged on to chances and started going through the steps. Two days later the VET called and asked me to pick up my dog because she had made a remarkable change for the better. Carrie 

Kind of like having a best friend boosting your self esteem for hours on end.

I learned that my needs are just as important as everyone elses and that I am worthy of good things happening in my life.

I don’t feel as negative as I used to. Doug

Not only do I feel more courageous in my personal life, I feel more like a leader at work.

I have ADD so I am really glad that you made the steps so simple.  Simply read and get better.

I made a print out of the steps and gave them to my uncle who’s been down lately.

I come back and read the 7 steps almost daily and can’t believe all the wonderful miracles happening right now.

With most websites I feel like I am wasting my time. With Chances I feel like I’m getting my life back!

Just what I needed today. Thanks

My husband and I both tried Chances 7 step program and while the chance we were looking for hasn’t materialized yet, we both feel happier and more enthusiastic about life. Jenny & Bill

Chances is a perfect compliment to my therapy program.

Can’t beat the price!

I sold my house two weeks after trying out your website. I’m not sure if it was chances, or, my improved attitude.

My mother called and asked me to try the program.  I found it really easy and straightforward. I’m not sure if it will bring me a guy, but, my change in attitude might. Laura

I keep a printout of the steps on my wall in the bathroom in order to feel more motivated.

I smile a lot more and in general feel enthusiastic about a lot of things. I thing my enthusiasm is attracting chances into my life.

My son who is a video game addict also suffers from depression. I made it a requirement that he reads through the 7 steps at least once a week or no games. The result was he’s been doing the steps but not spending as much time online with the games.

I have a PHD in psychology and think your onto something wonderful, harnessing the web for self help. Ben